From sammmy2000: So he started to provoked me to be angry and that a way of them to bully me… because I’m easy to make mad… and of course he get what he wanted… I want punch him and slapped him, of course he started to slap me to make me angry… I don’t know what happened to me… I try to keep my cool but they keep how to make me upset… I feel so weak and stupid


Im not sure what is going on. Are you okay?
Is it possible to avoid the ones who are bullying you?And is it possible there is someone you can tell who can take care of the issue?

From sammmy2000: Nope. I’m fine… he just messes with me nope because my parents on their sides

From aslgirl: I know how you feel. I hope your ok now.

From Wolfter: Hmmm…You should stand up to him.
I mean it takes time to get the courage but it’s worth it.
I also recommend listening to music that makes you feel confident…Just recommending it’s up to you bud.
Hope you good now…

Hey Sammy,

Bullies are the worst, because they always want to have this false sense of power, and not giving them the attention or the reaction they want is honestly the best thing you can attempt to do at this point. It’s not the easiest route to go down, but in the long run it’ll definitely be the best for you. Like with a lot of things, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And we’re here for you every step of the way <3


hey friend,

you are not weak and stupid. i know your reactions come from a place of hurt, discomfort, and a sense of protecting yourself. there are tools out there to more effectively combat physical provocations such as open communication, stepping away from the situations, or speaking to someone about it as a third-party. when these situations begin where other people try to make you angry, please remember to breathe because anger can destroy us from the inside out over time. protect yourself and protect your heart - you have infinite worth and in control!


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Hey Sammy
Im sorry these people are behaving this way towards you. You say you are easy to make mad? that to the bullies is your weakness and all bullies will look for your weakness and aim straight for it, its cruel. So how do we stop it? if no one is going to stop the bullies then maybe the reaction needs to change, if they don’t see the reaction they are looking for they will eventually get bored and leave you alone but that I understand that isnt easy for you. It is so hard not to resort to anger if that is how you have always done things, my brother also gets angry very quickly, it comes from a place of fear, or sadness and of hurt, not from anything horrid or evil. I would sincerely encourage you to look into ways to help control your reactions before you get to the point of anger, you could try websites or anger management. I honestly think this would go a long way to helping you. You sound like an awesome person, you deserve a matching life. x

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From sammmy2000: I never felt so weak and used…