From erjohn25: It’s 3:15am it feels super lonely.

From erjohn25: It’s so cold and lonely==

From erjohn25: Before I met her I didn’t get bothered by this but right now

From erjohn25: Man======================

From erjohn25: Idk why do I feel like this

From micro_tato: Hey <@466121214616928257> - Just checking in on you. How have you been doing since your previous message above? <:hrtgradient:1149626553903370280>

From you know who i am: im going thru the same thing rn

From erjohn25: Hi it’s me, yeah I already moved on. It’s just yesterday I feel lonely I already let her go but I’m okay now very much okay now. My mental status is getting better day by day. I’m doing my hobbies again I’m having fun again. Thank you everyone

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From you know who i am: im happy youre doing okay

From you know who i am: congrats my dude=========

Thank you for sharing these updates - good to hear you are feeling better. Wishing you all the best moving forward :heart:

From erjohn25: thank you for all the help :slight_smile:

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From erjohn25: everyone :)==============

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From erjohn25: Kel Omori GIF - Kel Omori Omori Kel - Discover & Share GIFs