From sammmy2000: So his phone had problems and he needed a new phone and when he asked my dad if he could get him some of money and he will pay him back… and he got the next day… when I waited a week or two to get mine and my mom keep telling how it was selfish of me wanting a new phone because mine was dying and I couldn’t use it anymore… it’s a double standard to them…


It surely sounds like a double standard, and I’m so very sorry that you’ve been impacted by this difference in the way your parents responded to your requests. It’s really hard when it feels like your own parents are treating you differently, less than your siblings one way or another. One situation seems to highlights this double standard, then any new situation becomes an opportunity to compare their reactions, and eventually validate even more the way you feel… about them, about yourself. It’s a tough place to be in. I’m sorry, friend. I have personally have grown up with two siblings, and there were definitely times when a double standard was applied. Sometimes in favor of my brother or sister, sometimes of mine. Although the perception that we all had of these events happened to be very different!

Please never forget that, no matter what your parents do or say, you are loved and you matter so very much. There’s no double standard that will ever erase or overshadow your worth. :heart:

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