So. I fully dropped today

I almost fall off the wagon today. Been clean 8 years. I knew better then to leave my nest in a drop. I know I have no self control. Still left. I went to the store like a fool. Thank you coworker that was with me!

Being clean is hard, but I’m doing it. Still clean.

I’m not leaving my bed for the next week…I refuse <.< Kj. I have to get up and take care of animals and children and plants.

At least I have the healing earth all around me



Hey @Everglades,

I’m proud of you for being still clean today. 8 years is such a huge, huge accomplishment and you’ve built up so much strength during those years. You ARE very strong.

I don’t know what brought you to almost relapse today, but if you’d like to talk about it, know that you have a safe place right here.

In the meantime, I hope you can plan ahead some ways to take care of yourself for the rest of the day, and in times to come. Maybe you feel a little more vulnerable or overwhelmed lately, and if that’s the case it’s good to acknowledge it, so you can make sure to take care of yourself and keep focused on things that are healthy to you.

Deep breaths, indeed. You got this, friend. We believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

Wooooahhhh 8 years?! Holy moly, that’s HUGE! I’m so proud of you !!

From: Ash (Discord)

Dear friend that is a big step to know that you have the control to keep going. I know it might not seem like you almost fell off the wagon and that you have no self control but to me it sounds very much like you do have that self control you are fighting hard to be better to do better. You are doing what you need to keep yourself from falling. Yes staying clean is extremely hard and not an easy thing by any means. Just know that you are doing it you are using the positive things like your children and the animals and plants to help you realize why you continue to fight to be clean. I am proud of you and I think you should be proud of you. Hold fast we are here

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