From sammmy2000: So I have to get a more then 50 in the final to pass and the finals are close but I feel overwhelmed and anxious about it… any advice about it… and my family wants As… from me… I don’t think I can do it…

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Hi there Sammy,

Thanks for being here and for sharing. That sounds stressful, and I know that finals is a hard time of the year. Remember to take things one thing at a time and do your best to study; your best is enough.

My biggest tip is to plan out (and physically write a plan for) your studying based on the time you have. For instance, I might plan to study Math on Monday, then Physics on Tuesday, and then some more Math on Wednesday, picking specific topics to look over for each day. If that sounds crazy overwhelming and you don’t know where to start (I know, I’ve been there), I’d suggest looking “[subject] quick review packet” for any subjects you’re looking to study. Khan Academy is also a nice resource, but it’ll likely only cover intro-level classes.

Wishing you luck as you prep for finals! I believe in you.

<3 Tuna