From sammmy2000: So I was in reddit and I was overthinking and shared my feelings… i had good comments but one come started to attack me and call me s brat and spoiled and me complaining over my parents playing favourites means nothing… because I wanted upvotes… I’m not hurt or angry but just disappointed and annoyed that people chose to believe parents over kids…


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Reddit"s a strange place sometimes.

I have has the “top comment” on a forum once, lots of upvotes, a couple awards. A lot of people likes and agreed witg my comment, and they said so

That sounds super fun, right? And it was!

But there were like a few people who were like “/why is this the top comment? Its so stupid! How can any one agree with this nonsense?” Etc

I even had someone send the resources bot thats meant for people who are at risk of harming themselves. Nothin in my comment indicated the need for that.

It was sooo easy and tempting to focus on the small handful who hated my comment, and allow it to ruin my day. I instead did not reply to them, i did not engage with them. And i chose to ignore them ultimately, and learnt the lesson that you truly can never make anyone happy.

People look at the world through their own eyes and experience. Even here, sometimes i still have to pause and wonder if what i am saying makes sense to someone outside of my head.

But this is why we reach out. To connect with others, sometimes to be heard, sometimes validated, sometimes to get a different perspective.

Sometimes people will present us a truth that we are not yet capable of accepting and it scares us. Sometimes people just miss the mark and their comment has no relevance to us
But one person saying something hurtful has to be viewed with caution, and we have the power to choose what we let affect our day.
Its a powerful skill we can sometimes learn, to guard our hearts.

Focus on the comments that were helpful. Engage in discussions with opposing views if you are emotionally able to, if you are curious about their perspecticlve. Reddit can be a great place but you always have to read comments with a grain of salt.

Hope the other comments you got were useful and helpful to you, and what you needed from that post.

From sammmy2000: They deleted the comments anyway