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So many people I love are getting sick

I cant take it. Someone else I loved said he has a fever and will probably need to see a doctor. He hasn’t eaten. Says he can’t.
My dad has been on a ventilator in the hospital the last couple days and my uncle got put on one yesterday. My brother got sick and so did my aunt. My mother just recovered from getting sick.
The stress is feeling like a greater and greater weight. I know I shouldn’t think the worst because worrying is a useless emotion but right now I’m having a hard time being strong and can’t stop crying.


I’m so sorry for your family. This sounds very difficult. Gratitude goes a long way to help with stress. Try to focus on the positive and don’t be too difficult on yourself. You are allowed to be upset and scared.

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Hi @Rosethorn,

It was different circumstances, but when my brother was sick a few years ago I realized how much not knowing a lot about his disease was adding to the feeling of being helpless (just like covid). Yet, it also made me realize how much simple acts of kindness and how much loving words can be powerful for the person who’s in the hospital. When there are circumstances you can’t control, you’re pushed towards what is essential in life. There’s still a potential to love even in the toughest times. Maybe you’re not physically there, but your heart is. And it’s a strength! For you, for your family. Don’t understimate that.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to worry. Those are stressful circumstances in your life. If you have practical questions, concerns, don’t hesitate to ask their doctors about it. It’s also part of their job, and they’re the most qualified to inform you.

I hope everything will be okay for everyone in your family. Keep us up to speed on what’s going on, okay? You’re loved. :heart:

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So sorry to hear about this circumstance you’re going through Rosethorn. No mistaking, that is a profoundly tough time. Totally understandable that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Anyone would. Big things going on and little you can do about it. I had both of my parents in the hospital at the same time along with trying to keep my own family going and even that was stressful and taxing. Worrying is your mind’s attempt to do “something” even though it doesn’t fix anything. It’s automatic. The best you can do is try things to refocus and ground yourself. You’re probably hearing a lot about grounding or meditating. Those things really do provide a big help even though the results aren’t immediate. It slowly rewires your sympathetic/parasympathetic system to response differently. Take time for doing something that recharges you. For me that is drawing, or exercise or yes, meditating. These things are out of your control but keeping your hope and physical strength as much as you can will do wonders for you. Do your best, whatever that may be, and forgive yourself if you start having guilt about wanting to do more.


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Hold Fast


Your emotions right now are understandable you are going through a lot, but this soon will be over. As someone else stated focus on the positives and continue to do the best you can do for those you love. Stay strong and keep holding on! I am praying for you and your family to have a speedy recovery and everyone to be healed!!

God bless, Jesus loves you

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