From sammmy2000: So my first year is coming to an end and the next year is when I will start learning the major classes but my family think I’m too lazy and think I will be a good chef because I’m allergic to eggs and milk and nuts… because I have to test… they’re not helping… they want me to change majors… and I’m confused what to do


From ManekiNeko: Hey Sam’s what do you feel you want to do? After all, you’d hate to get a career you don’t really love.
Being allergic to things doesn’t mean you’re a bad chef and doesn’t mean you can’t do wonderful things with food. In fact there’s a vegan place near where I live and they are also mindful of allergies, and they do such a wonderful job. The flavours and food there is phenomenal!

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From sammmy2000: I don’t know myself… about the chef thing wil go but I’m doing well in my major and I’m happy also I’m learning to do thing that helps with that… it’s just what they said deeply hurt me and made me angry and sad


Of course it would hurt that your family have been worrying you. It is never easy, maybe they worry about you and want the best for you, maybe it isn’t expressed in the best way.
It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job and are really happy with what you are doing!


hey sammy, that’s really awesome that you’re doing well in your major - i bet you’ve put a lot of hard work into your studies! which makes any lack of support from your family such a harsh thing to face. people have overcome similar obstacles in order to do things they love which is why i believe in you to make anything work! people will oppose us either out of misplaced trust/concern/love or other reasons. as long as you believe in yourself and are willing to go the distance, i truly hope you can prove everyone wrong. i hope you can show them that no allergies or opposition will stray you from your own journey. wishing you well in your journey ahead! love, twix


Hi Sammy, Congratulations on completing your first year at culinary school, that is not easy, I did it myself so I know. I am so sorry your family are being negative with regards to your allergies, yes of course its not easy to cook or eat when you have them any more than its easy to ride a bike with a sore knee but that does not mean it isnt possible, In fact there are many well known chefs with allergies to certain foods. I have given you a couple of links below, one is a woman who has sooo many allergies its unbelievable and she still manages to make it work, the other one should help you too.
Friend if you want to be a chef please do not let anyone tell you, you cannot do it, you can be anything you want to be. I have so much faith in you. Much Love Lisa. x


Hey Sammmy2000,

First off, I am super proud of you for rocking your first year! I am sorry to hear that your family isn’t supporting you in your endeavors like you’d had hoped. A moment when you’re feeling proud of your accomplishments can be marred with negative feedback like that. I am sorry.

I do hope that your family is trying to show concern and love for you with their protective comments. Even with their ‘advice’, I encourage you to chase what your dreams are! There are so many chefs out there that work with their allergies, developing ways to either cook without those ingredients (which can inspire so much creativity in new dishes), or finding how to work with those foods that you can’t taste yourself. It’s not uncommon for chefs to do either!

I believe in ya. All the best wishes to you and your endeavors in this. You have a lot of work ahead of you… go get it!