So sick of it

Fuck everyone and everything I’m so fucking done with never feeling like a fucking priority to the people I give every thing to. I try so ducking hard and don’t get a damn thing in return. Fuck it fuck everyone


Hey. We’re here dude. We see you. We hear you. :heart: you are not alone. I know that we aren’t there physically and face to face, but we are still here readily extending ourselves to you because we care. You matter.

Hey @Dampbread

There’s a lot going on in your life right now, a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but you’re not alone.

I hope you stay safe. Also hope you’ll keep reaching out when you need it.

We’re here for you. Here to encourage you.
Hang in there. :heart:

As you posted different messages recently, also in regards of what you shared, I’ll leave crisis lines informations here. Do not hesitate to use them, friend.

We care about you.