So so tired

I’m so tired of myself I constantly feel alone and sad but I’m to scared to go out and meet people I wanna be in a relationship but I’m to scared to face rejection I’m so pathetic I shouldn’t have been born at all


Hey Jax,

That’s a horrible way to feel, and I’m sorry you’re going through this. Thanks for reaching out. Loneliness and lack-of-motivation/fear often go hand in hand, and can leave us stuck in this place where we really don’t like ourselves. This doesn’t mean that you should never have been born, and I think deep-down you may know that. Social anxiety and fear of rejection are things that can be overcome.

What do you like doing yourself (as a hobby, or a habit)? Is there a way of finding a group of people who like this same thing as you? That’s normally a good place for meeting people who seem a bit more familiar, which was how I got better with meeting new people and putting myself out there.

I believe in you

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Hi @anon78643377

You matter! It’s ok to have anxiety, lots of folks do. Funny thing is if you think about it that way lots of people secretly going about their lives full of anxiety on the inside. So yeah idk what I’m trying to say but try not to let the fear of rejection get you down. Work on yourself, try to get out there in the world some way, do something that matters to you, and things will work out.

Hope today is a better day, stay hydrated!


It doesn’t matter at the end of the day I’m just a faceless nobody that is never good enough for people

nothing ever works out for me everything ends in failure for me

What’s happened that’s made you feel like you’re never good enough for people? Is there a particular instance that comes to mind that’s triggered these feelings?

Well if you give up on stuff then 100% of the time it will not work out. But if you keep trying it is pretty much guaranteed that at least sometimes there will be success.

What have you been up to this week @anon78643377 ?


I know that you have said to others that nothing works and that you are a failure. Let me say that okay nothing works but your still here so you are working your body is working you are doing something right there. Second you arent a failure if you are breathing that makes you a success. I am sorry no one seems to want to be your friend and or that you feel rejected but you are very much not rejected. I look at this post and see how quickly people replied to you and still are because they care. Rejection is extremely hard. Have you joined the Discord we have so many people there what things do you like to do. I personally love animals and drawing, sewing, games and so much more. Find common interests with people. You arent alone if you put yourself out there even if no one takes it you are putting a foot out. Sometimes that is what we need to find the courage to jump when others wont because we do need to also take steps which I will add was how I meet my best best friend Lizzy we legit hadnt talked alot than I finally put my foot out and started talking to her we found we had a lot in common and now we talk every day. Maybe that will be what happens to you and you will be so surprised.

Hold fast we are here
if you want to join the discord

Ash (disabledmetalfan)

Hey Jax,

Thank you for your post. Alone, sad, and fear are really fucking hard emotions to navigate, especially when they are mixed and come in all at once. I really feel for you. Rejection is scary. I’ve been rejected like 5 times and it is definitely painful. I was lucky enough to receive reasons for these rejections so I was able to say like, ‘hey this isn’t about me’. This is about them. I wish you felt otherwise about being not born. You are special and unique because you are YOU and there’s no one else in the world who can take that place. This is a really painful time and I appreciate you taking the time to express yourself here. I hope you are able to find what it is you are seeking and I hope you are able to find some rest and some ease in your mind <3 Warmly, Dot.

yeah I’m a part of the discord I like to draw but even that alinates me

I hope so as well but it seems that I am destined to not be able to

yeah and when I do get success it might as well not even happened and all I’ve done this week is work at a job that I hate

me existing is what happened

Jax I know this isn’t what you want to hear, especially from somebody who has never met you, but that’s just not true.
There will be experiences that you have had that will have made you feel worthless, but existence is something that gives you inherent worth, regardless of your belief system. Every human being puts good into the universe, every human being is a unique soul that brightens the worlds of at least some people (even the total assholes will mean something to somebody)
I’m really sorry that you’ve found yourself in such a pit of despair about all this, and I’ll be praying for you.

I believe in you

I dont believe in myself and praying for me is pointless if god wont answer any of my prayers even when I’m on my hands and kness crying and begging why would he help just because you prayed

God sees beyond where you are now. He sees everything you could be, every way that you could grow. And often God doesn’t answer our prayers in the way that we want or expect because in your struggle is an opportunity for something to be turned for good. You will learn from your pain.
I wish I could offer more clarity or insight, but blaming God for not answering prayers just blinds you to what he’s trying to do with you in the here and now, and where he can see you going

I believe in you

so I’m just some sort of play thing to be tortured and messed with

No, you’re a human being, with a past, and a future. With free will, an utterly unique perspective on life, and a lot of life that you have yet to experience. You may well be suffering, but nobody is willfully torturing you. I really hope you come out the other side of this better for it

I believe in you

Hey that’s something though. Some folks don’t even have a job. What kind of job would you want to work at?

I want do commission work doing digital drawings