So tired right now

Is being exhausted a good reason to call into work because I am really exhausted, am too comfy in bed, and not wanting to go into work. Especially at 11 am


Hey friend,

Unfortunately, it is likely not to be a good reason enough - the comfy-ness of your bed, I mean. Though I understand the feeling - probably all of us can!

If you feel like the exhaustion is becoming too much, or affecting your mental health, it might be good to talk about it with a doctor and see if you could benefit from a short medical leave, at least to allow your body to rest and restore itself for a bit.

I’m rooting for you. Wishing you strength in handling your commitments, but also softness for your body and mind. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi @alexgamer_hameowlton
I am gonna have to agree with @Micro on this one. I can understand the feeling you have. I think most of us had felt this way at some point but we must learn to simply bite the bullet and do what we have to even tho everything else tells us not to. Bevare tho, if you have been feeling like this every morning for a longer amount of time, something is wrong with your health. It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about it. If you ever feel like this again here is a video that might help you during those mornings. It has definitely helped me and I hope it helps you too :wink:

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Ty. I had already decided to go in after i made this post. Im having some stomach issues rn but that’s just from what I ate

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Nevermind. The stomach issues is from my period. Also, I went in and after a few hours they let me go home. Was pissed off the entire time

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Was in because of the stomach issues or restlessness?

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Hope you can rest as much as possible from now on, Alex. :hrtlegolove:


I was pissed off from being on my period and was (still am) so exhausted

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