From mcuqueen26: So today I talked to my therapist about what happened to me recently I never really understood how depression was or how it felt like never asked about it at all but my therapist said that I had a major depressive disorder episode when I had gotten arrested for supposedly scaring teenagers and two days before having gotten arrested I just felt something was off about me like I couldn’t fully understand why I acted the way I acted but my therapist made it a bit clear that I was going through a major depressive disorder episode I was diagnosed with major severe depression back in 2011 not really thinking it would get this bad I was a teenager when I was diagnosed but now a decade later I finally fully understand what I’m dealing with and I just don’t understand why I was arrested for having a major depressive disorder episode my landlord doesn’t seem to believe in mental health issues at all she just thinks people that have so called mental illness are just crazy and that it’s all in our heads which I see a disrespectful if anyone has any advice or anything on how I can cope when having a major depressive disorder episode I’ll highly appreciate it because I try listening to music and doing everything I’ve been advised but sometimes I feel like it’s a repeat of the same things any advice or information of coping skills would be very very much appreciated :face_holding_back_tears::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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From themanekineko: I’m so sorry your landlord is like that. Some people really don’t understand what they never have experienced. I’ve been told many times to just get out and be happy.

Depression is an illness not a weakness or a failure or something you can just snap out of.
I’m so glad you were able to get to that diagnosis, not because I wish that on you, but because I hope from here out you and your therapist can work towards treatment plans that will in time help you so much.

It does feel a bit monotonous at times I admit, but having a healthy routine of things to gently get you out of that zone can be helpful. Sometimes for me it’s different smells and forcing myself to read a little bit. Once I start reading I can hardly stop tbh!
Sometimes it’s making myself go see a friend or go for a long walk.

From mcuqueen26: I actually went out to the store yesterday and passed by the book section in target and I was like I need some books normally I’m not a big fan of reading much but I just needed books