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Social Anxiety Sucks for Relationships

I have just recently gotten into a romantic relationship with one of my best friends that I have been friends with for over a year and a half. I’m so happy that the relationship exists, however I have undiagnosed anxiety that impedes on my relationships and the main thing that it affects is my texting and communication with others. I always feel that if I text first or want to call someone, my boyfriend or another one of my platonic relationships, that I’m just bothering them and that they would rather be doing something else than interacting with me. I also feel so selfish that I’m not completely happy in my relationship and that I know everyone has their own responsibilities but the anxiety still lingers. I don’t know what to do about it anymore, ive told those around me about my social anxiety and as much as they try, it never truly solves it.

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@slammyc02 I think that talking to those around you is a great way to start. Made you should also try to find a way to relieve some of that stress and anxiety. A lot of people find that doing things like jogging, painting, or dancing really help to relieve social anxiety. Also, make sure your boyfriend knows how you feel so y’all can work on it together.

From: all_around_ashley

Hey you are not alone , I have somewhat been in your spot , But not exactly. I have bee out of a relationship for about a month now and You are not selfish you are trying to reach out to others to see what they have to say. When you say you are not happy in your relationship have you tried talking to your significant other about whats happening i know it will be hard for you but communication is key in a relationship. We believe in you .Thank you for posting , HoldFast!

From: edge0fheaven

i know you have probably told this many times, and you are probably sick of hearing it but tell your SO. He might not know, and with him knowing he might be able to help you not feel that way. He can’t be there for you if he doesn’t know he needs to be.

I completely agree. So many people feel that someone does not car but its actually just that they don’t know that anything is wrong. Communication is the only way to fix these problems. It can just be so hard to find the courage to discuss things like this sometimes.

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