Social services experience as a dad

Context: My daughter was removed from bio mother’s care and it was a battle between me and the social services, they wanted her adopted, I wasn’t having any of that.

Ahhh the good ole UK children’s services, where they tried to destroy my relationship and take my child in 1 swoop. When they spent hours harrasing my partner and using lies to try and mess with her.
FYI the “past” she is referring to as knowing, is just all misdemeanors from being a bit of an idiot teen growing up.
I grew up well before then.
This is all many years ago now and obviously I won and have care if my daughter.I was having to go through all the paperwork, looking for the final report, ready for sorting partners Parental Responsibility.
The social workers were forced to apologize in court during the final hearing, for their treatment of me and my partner, for lying and manipulation.

Luckily as seen in the other 2 pictures, the pediatrician wasn’t on their payroll and facts eventually spoke louder than the lies being shouted



You are in a rough place. I don’t have anything to encourage you. You are welcome to vent here.

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This was 2012-2013, the social services are long out of our lives now. They couldn’t even get the care order they wanted, to continue from the final hearing.
The judge told them no, it wouldn’t be beneficial.
He also stopped the proceedings part way through, listed all the wrong stuff they did and made them apologize in court… they didn’t like that.

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I’m so very sorry for this experience you had with social services, @BtoTheTtoTheE. As a social worker myself (although not currently working and not cps-related), it makes me sad to see that some workers can act in such an inconsiderate way while this is about people’s lives. There are very good people and workers out there, but what you describe is also infuriating. Really sorry you had to go through all of this, friend. I commend you for your determination and for fighting as you did for your little girl. You are a good parent and your love is heroic. So glad this is behind you now. :hrtlegolove:

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