Socialising is exhausting today + new milestone

it’s one of these days, where i just can’t stand talking to people and socialising. just chatting with my mom this morning left me so utterly drained and irritated, I don’t know how I’m supposed to tutor later. i wish i could just shut myself away for the day and be left alone. just the thought of needing to talk to people leaves me with tears in my eyes. i want this day to be over already.

aaand i hit 3 months clean yesterday :] though I’m struggling to keep it up today. i don’t want to relapse but the urges are very prominent.

any advice on how to get through today is greatly appreciated!



Watch a movie,
Go for a walk if you are able to,
Try yoga & meditation
Read a book
Watch YouTube videos

Hey great work on being clean!! So proud of you!
I totally relate to needing to be alone and being over stimulated by others. It’s extremely hard when you don’t have the space to be alone because of commitments too! So I’m sorry that’s all pulled up. How did you go?

Sometimes when I know I have to be around people, just thinking about it and waiting for it to happen stresses me out, so literally I need to go lay down and just do nothing. Honestly an interaction with one person can do me for the week.
Sometimes it’s just immobilising like that. And that’s okay! Or sometimes I just have to keep busy. I always go into cleaning mode.
Do you prefer to rest or keep busy?
Sometimes I’ve also learned that when I’m getting overwhelmed with family or even friends it’s okay to say “hey I just need some
Space, I’m not in a good headspace right now” and remove yourself from them. You’re allowed to look after yourself!

From: andy23376 (Twitch)

congratulations on being clean for 3 months!! that’s so awesome keep it up :blush:

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Hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease,

EsRivs responded to your post with some wonderful words of support and love today live on stream.

Here is a link to the video so you can watch her reply anytime you need too.

Congratulations on 3 months clean friend, keep up the great work!

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