Some advice taken from the support wall

There has been some really incredible things said on the support wall that have helped me a lot. Here’s a small collection of them. I plan on doing these every so often.

Are you feeling like a burden? says who? Is that just your thoughts or did someone actually tell you that. It’s a piece of advice given to me when I was feeling like a burden by someone from this forum. If you’re feeling like a burden… “says who?”.

How can you take care of yourself physically? Make a schedule and stick to it. Don’t start off like you’re going to the gym for 2 hours every day starting tomorrow. Start going 3 times a week. Are you struggling to take care of your hygiene? Take a show after you get up, make breakfast or lunch for a few days out of the week, etc… Make a realistic schedule. I know you got this. If you miss a day or two, you’re human. Humans make mistakes and that is perfectly okay. There’s no point in mourning the past, look forward to the future.

Are you struggling to take care of yourself emotionally? Accept feelings, don’t reject them. Rather than saying “sorry for me taking so long” say “thanks for waiting for me”. One of the best ways i’ve learned to cope is to take the problem head on. If you’re struggling with being angry say “I am angry because of (insert reason here)” and then work on how you can work on those feelings of anger.

Do you struggle to get your message across/convey yourself in a proper way? Use “I” statements. “I am tired because of x” I have had a hard day at work because of x" “I want to go out to eat at x” Use I statements gets your point across quickly and directly.

Are past experiences causing you to struggle today? Try not to blame and try not to box up your feelings. I have learned that this is a very difficult way to try and cope and it doesn’t help. By blaming your emotions on someone or something you’re then going to associate that person/thing with those negative emotions.

I heavily encourage you all to post your best coping skills as a response to the post. They could help someone else, too.
Much love, hold fast. You’re worth it.


Thanks for posting all of this Ethan, just found this and appreciate the treasure.

My best coping skill:

–> call a friend, tell them the lie I’m believing, have them help me to the truth

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate it.

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Thank you for this encouragement.

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