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Hi guys, I just got done talking to my therapist and I’m freaking out.

I told her about some abuse in my past that was given by a family member, and I’ve never told anyone in real life about that before. I’m absolutely terrified this is going to come back to bite me in the ass and my family is going to find out (I’ve never said anything to them before and I’m always scared that the abuse never actually happened and it was just a sick dream). Can anyone offer any help right now? I’m in a really bad state.


Hey friend,

First I am so proud of you. It is so brave to share the abuse you endured, especially after remaining silent for so long. As a therapist I can tell you that confidentiality is incredibly important and as long as what you shared did not break the rules of confidentiality. 1. you are in harm of hurting yourself or others. 2. There is abuse of an elder or child 3. her records are subpoenaed by a court. she is not going to tell anyone. If by chance what you shared did involve any of those things you can also rest easy knowing that there are protocols and services that are put in place to keep you safe.

Your therapist is primarily concerned with your health and well-being. I encourage you to open up about how you were feeling after sharing and see if she can provide any support and reassurance. I know it’s scary but you did the right thing. After carrying for something alone for so long it can feel strange to allow someone else to help you carry it and although it might take some getting used to it ultimately is what is healthy.

Sending love,



I don’t think I said anything like that? She asked if I was still in contact with my abuser and I said yes, but I tried to be super clear that I just want to maybe get stuff of my chest and then push it behind me and not take any, like, legal action. I did tell her that the abuse occurred when I was in primary school but it only happened once. I don’t know if that counts as #2. Thanks for your reply, it really helps getting the perspective of another therapist.

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It sounds like you are in the clear! She also DEFINITELY would have told you before she was going to tell anyone else. Sending love!


Yeah, she tried to assure me that only her supervisors would be seeing it and that my parents wouldn’t get a hold of that information but my heart plummeted as soon as I told her about it, and it sorta felt like the world was crashing down right then and there. This has really put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for the reply!

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