Some recent self reflecton

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be married and have kids. But, as I get older…I realize that that might not ever come true and honestly, I am becoming more and more okay with that. I refuse to settle to be with someone just to say I am with someone. I am in my 30s. Dating apps suck for me. I talk to someone and then it fades away. I am just done trying. I am tired of wanting things that seem like they are big things, but in actually are things that should just happen. I am tired of hearing things like ‘It’ll happen when you least expect it. Focus on you, then it’ll happen.’

I want to be wanted. I want the cheesy ‘good morning’ texts. I want someone to talk to and not feel like I am bothering them. I want someone to take a chance on me. But, I guess that’s too much to expect…so it’s time to move on and be alone. Sorry, this is just a bunch of ramblings. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hi StarFox,

i can understand your feelings / thoughts very well…
For a few years now i am alone, for a long time also feeling lonely. Struggling with depression
and things like that, not seeing something good in myself …
I would love to have someone just for the “cheesy” : hey how was your day and these little things
that you miss when you are alone.

But now i am here beginning to work, just reading youre text.
You are not alone, we are here for you. Listening to you. I hope this helps a bit.
Have a nice day and feel hugged.



From: ManekiNeko

oh starfox, my heart just really feels for you. I know those feelings of just thinking and telling yourself that enough is enough and if it’s not going to happen, then I’m not wasting time waiting for it to. I don’t want to throw cliches around because you’ve heard them and they aren’t helpful at this moment, but I do hope that in some way your heart stays open. You do deserve love in all the forms it comes.
it certianly is not too much to expect to want to have someone in your life who fills that space of longing. It’s very natural and sometimes we have to find ways to fill it with other forms of love, even if it is for longer than we would like.
How are you feeling at the moment? Thank you for sharing x

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From: Tiikrig

Hello StarFox.

I believe it is quite good that you are more Ok with not being with somebody just to be able to say so. That you don’t seek out company to fulfil an expectation. It talks about you being honest to yourself and that is a great point to have.
I think I understand what you describe that you feel. That this is a wall too big to climb but everybody expects you to leap over it (and dating apps are no help at all).

Yet you still want it. And perhaps it’s not fair to close yourself to that wish. I don’t think you want to have somebody in your life just to satisfy society, and that is absolutely fine.

In the meantime, it’s great to have you here.

Hugs. Der Marto.


I’m not single. But I can recall those same feelings. Love will happen when you least expect it, I do believe that.

Before I met my SO (significant other) i was sleeping around, doing drugs and i often felt lonely.

To this day I feel like God lead me to him.

I pray that someone will look your way and feel intrigued by you.

Take care :revolving_hearts:

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