Someone in my past message me

Been posting about a lot, I’m not going repeat story. But I want to talk about is, how do I know if so called friend is lying to me. There guys and girl in my life that they trying to control , flashlight, belittle , use and lie to me. I talk two people here.

This guy that work with me, was my metal friend that went to show with and hung. Unfortunately, I later found he was neo nazi, cheating on his wife and would always talk shit about my band I was in. He also invade my space and tell that people plotting shit behind my back . I end not hanging out with, then confront belittle me and cuase a mental breakdown.

A women from my another job, she became my second mother. However, she started to grow up and stop my passion for skateboarding. Telling things were not true such little minor about getting a passport, till telling what friend I should abs should not have, even getting my decision on medication. To point I was not really aloud to go on vacation.

Sorry this long, I it get tiring of being manipulated and use and control. I have really hard time fighting these people and honestly put into isolation and make never trust people again.


It sounds to me as though it’s a good thing that you are no longer hanging around with that guy. I think the woman cares a lot about you. It also sounds like she is overbearing and manipulative. That might be all that she can think of to do. Yeah, she is mothering you, and moms often go to extremes in their attempt to convince their children that they should act as she believes they should.


I agree with wings she is going to the extremes, some mothering figured they have this one way of living in there mind and everything is in black and white with them. They see it as the safest rout possible in life and the only way they really know how etc so that’s why they try and push it onto you on how to live. I would do some deep soul searching on what makes you genuinely happy etc and then set firm boundaries with people and if they can’t respect it then cut the ties with them. Someone that genuinely loves and supports you will respect boundaries and your happiness. Kudos for cutting the one dude out of your life, you do not need to be dragged down by anyone like that.

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Have you block them?

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