Someone passed away (tw: suicide)

Bianka just passed away a few weeks ago. She left on her bed, her death notes and diary, which contains some very painfull words. She was a great girl that everyone care about and loved, but she didnt feel like this. She wanted me to write this and let everyone know that the fight shes been throught wasnt the easiest. I will leave her last ever note on here. Bianka had a lot of counselors, which helped her but not enough. She tried to warn everyone she cared but they did not see it!
It is too late now! RIP BIANKA <3 FOREVER WITH ME <3 2007-2021 <3


What can I really say… it’s always hard receiving this kind of news, no matter who it was, but it just hits so much harder when it’s someone you were so close to… Bianka, you were, are and will forever be loved. You were always so grateful for everything, and you were so, so brave reaching out to the crisis hotline time and time again when you needed help.

I wish I could’ve done more. I wish I could’ve hugged you and told you that everything was going to be ok. I will miss your afternoon chats; I will miss you telling me about your day; I will miss your goodnight huggies and, above all, I will miss you. Llull wants me to tell you that he will miss you too, and he asked me to share this picture of him with you:

Love you, Bianka. Fly high, friend.


Thank you for letting us know about what happened. I’m honestly at loss of words and I wish we could have done more. As I was reading through Bianka’s posts and the conversations we had together, every word seemed to have a bitter taste now that she’s gone. Still I feel humbled and incredibly proud of her for her constant willingness to reach out, to be vulnerable and seek support from others. She was indeed a strong, brave and lovely person. She expressed her gratitude for this community so many times. I hope that where she is now, she can still feel the warmth of the love we have for her as well.

More than a month ago I was lighting a candle to honor her friend’s memory with her.
This one is for her tonight.

All the thoughts go to her, her family and her friends.

To you reading this: you are not alone. You are loved dearly. The pain you might feel is not meant to last forever. Let’s shoulder our burdens together. There is strength in unity and care for each other. :hrtlegolove:


So sad to hear someone in our community passed away :frowning: my prayers are with her family. May she rest in peace.