Someone sent me email? (I don't know how to explain it)

I’m putting this in the journal section cause it doesn’t really need support but I’m a little confused. Someone sent me an email about how he didn’t want to be friends with me but I don’t remember them in the slightest. I think it’s easier to show the email than to type it so here![Screen Shot 2021-
I really don’t remember them and I really have no how to react other than confuse meant. Like the guy in the way he is saying is nice enough and might very well be something that he needed to get off his chest that he didn’t do freshmen year but I don’t remember him. I asked to make sure that he got the right guy.
I edit out the screen shoots because they had the emails still in them here are the one’s without them.


Hi Paladin :grinning:

You know, if it was me I would just ignore it. You don’t remember this person, so why even bring all that into your life right now? That’s just my 2 cents.

Hope you’re having a good day!


The reason why I am is because I don’t know… maybe just because I want to remember or maybe because I want to help them for some reason. They don’t seem to be negative other than that in the past we had a disagreement.

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Makes sense that you would be curious, I would be too. I wonder if this is this person’s way of dealing with something in their own life? Who knows, but it kind of sounds like a “closure” type message to me. I wonder if pursuing it’s meaning is a good idea.

Do what’s in your heart tho, it’s just my take on it and I could be wrong.


I aperasate (can’t spell) your view point. I honestly don’t know why I’m still talking with them. Maybe there next response will be the last or not I don’t know.

Maybe you’ll get more info that will jog your memory.

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It sounds like that person has been carrying some things and needed closure. If it were me, and if the incidents don’t bother me at all, I’d tell him that you’re cool now, and all is great, wish him a good life and then end the convo lol.

Worse thing would be to start digging up the past and recreating a new drama. Sort of reminds me of Peter and the Chicken, where one says sorry, the other ask who are you? and the cycle begins again!

Do what feels right to you though, and how curious you are about the whole thing. Overall, this was a sort of light hearted post and I liked it!


Interesting email…? I’d be pretty confused as well because there’s a real effort there to open a conversation that is basically about saying “bye”. As our friends said before, it was probably important to them. But out of the blue for you and without any context, it defeats a bit its own purpose. As you said yourself, maybe they are also mistaking the person they’re talking to. In any case, the conversation will probably won’t keep going if you don’t follow it. It seems that they had something to say and they just said it. Good for them? But also, I hope this doesn’t disturb you too much. We can’t be appreciated by everyone, and that’s okay.


Personally, I find this suspicious.


In what way? I know the email is good because it’s a school email. I didn’t show the email for privacy reasons but it’s the same type of email as which means they are a student at my school.

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Well, I find it particularly suspicious that

  1. That the person actually bothered to figure out/track down your email adress, only in order to rudely say goodbye to you.
  2. That the person is someone you don’t remember.

You know how sometimes things are big things to us, but small things to others? I think whatever happened was a big thing to them to of stuck in their and obviously it didn’t phase you, and they just wanted to get it down and out of their system to close that chapter.
If they reply, the best thing to do may be to just be friendly and wish them well and leave it there. Do any of your friends know who it is?


This is exactly how I feel, but I personally didn’t want to say this because I’m already dealing with creeps and so don’t know if it’s my paranoia or not.

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The first isn’t that weird actually. At my school you type in a name and it instantly gives you the email but it is a little weird that I don’t remember.

Yeah I wish I knew what to say to help you. I hope everything works out okay.

Do you know anyone who knows them? And what’s more sus is the fact that they went out of their way just to say this to you for no reason, it’s just weird overall. Then again I’ve been sus over everything latley.

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No none of my friends do but that’s not weird in the slightest. I make a lot of random friends that none of my others know about. If they respond I’ll be nice but I really want to know what happened.

No I don’t but that’s not too weird. I make a lot of random friends and introduction them to my other friends but yeah it’s a little bit weird and sus.

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i come from Kitboga’s stream where anyone emailing me out of the blue like that would be met with suspicion lol!
It could be a phishing scam if they ask more detail (don’t you remember the time we went to that place in your first car, favourite teacher, etc) like those security q’s. But this sounded more like someone with something to get off his chest. It’s a curious email thread, but it should end soon. There is nothing to gain from dragging it on unless there is a high high level of curiosity.

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I know about all those kinda of spam things. I’m actually a scam baiter which unfourtally makes me get ultra curious and I really want know what I did if anything.