Someone tried to call the police on me

Some woman was looking at me while I was coming out of the drive way like she was mad and threatened to call the police on me because I was arguing with my mom it’s like what was her problem and my mom is elderly and she gets stubborn and I have to be the adult but still the woman didn’t have to look at me the way that she did and it wasn’t her business I hate nosy people it wasn’t like I was hitting my mom or cursing her at her but I didn’t like the way that woman was talking to me like I owed her she doesn’t know me and I don’t know her and she recorded me which I think is a violation of privacy and she’s an ethnicity I don’t like which I have had problems with in the past.


Hey friend. Wanted to take a few minutes out of my evening to type up a response.

I totally get that you didn’t feel like you did anything wrong, but from an outsiders perspective, we are naturally curious people.

So the neighbor may have be concerned for possibly your safety or your mothers safety. It’s so easy to assume the worst in people but this is a different way to look at the situation.

As far as them recording you, there’s no real “law” being broken here. If it made you uncomfortable you could have nicely approached them and asked them not to record.

As far as her ethnicity, this is a touchy topic so I’m going to approach this with caution. Just because you’ve had a bad experience with one or two or even ten people of that certain ethnicity doesn’t mean that all people of that ethnicity are “bad people” or will do something you don’t like. The basic term for that would be discrimination. Unfortunately there are bad people in this world. Male, female, white, black, straight, etc but just because someone or some people of that category do something wrong that doesn’t make everyone under that category wrong or bad people. Just something to keep in mind.


I agree with everything aside from the ethnic part, people wont always agree and they’ll argue but if its not dangerous she had no right to do that but just because you had a bad experience with a few people of one ethnicity doesn’t mean they’re all bad people I dont think she broke a law though if im being honest


From: ManekiNeko

wow that sounds scary! I would try to encourage you to see your neighbours perspective through this. It can be scary for people to see others arguing, especially if they don’t know the context or if they’ve been in fear before about things like that escalating. Perhaps she’s seen enough previously that triggered a response, and perhaps that response wasn’t the best course at time, but people will try to do their best to feel safe. Try not to focus too much on the individuals appearance, but rather what their actions and heart portrays. Perhaps she had kids she was worried about.
Have you spoken to your mum about the events that took place and what steps there are to communicate with her? Sometimes a compromise is needed for both parties. Maybe you tell your mum that next time she can share her opinion in a nice way and you will listen, but then she also has to listen to your opinions. I know what it’s like to have arguments with my mother, she and I are both stubborn people and can be hot headed, so sometimes it’s a matter of leaving until another time when we have both cooked down. Take some time for yourself this weekend and try to do something nice for yourself. Perhaps you can even open a conversation with your neighbour about what happened and how she was feeling at the time. We don’t have to always get along with others, but we do have to be respectful and keep peace. Sometimes we have to take the step to be that person, and if the other person doesn’t accept it then, that’s okay. We walk away and know we tried. Take care! You’re loved

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