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So I talked about this on Dan’s stream today, but also wanted to share it here, if that’s ok.

I work at an after school care here in New Zealand, so we look after kids (5-11 years old) for a few hours in the afternoons while their parents are working or whatever. We give them snacks, and organize various games and activities to keep them entertained 'till they get picked up. A couple weeks ago, one of the kids had a bad day at school and was quite upset when she arrived. I wanted to do something to help cheer her up, and I knew she loved drawing, so we sat and drew together for a while. I drew her a butterfly picture using her favourite colours, and wrote her name underneath it with my nice calligraphy pen. I’m not that good at art really, especially if its just a quick drawing, but she loved it.

So I started doing at least one a day for different kids at work, just drawing their favourite animal, or movie character, or whatever they want really, and it’s been really cool to see them so happy about these little sketches.

Then yesterday a few of the kids asked me to show them some drawing tips so they could make art for some of the other kids at school that they saw had been sad, or lonely, etc. I don’t really know much about drawing tips so we ended up looking up some youtube tutorials and they are so into it. Between the 4 of us that afternoon we created 9 different artworks for them to give to kids at school the next day. I wasn’t at work today, but I just heard from one of the other staff that as soon as they arrived at after school care today, the first thing they wanted to do was make more art.

I’ve spoken to my boss and she’s agreed to put some of our budget for this month towards some better art supplies for them to use, and some nice paper for them to draw on. It’s so amazing seeing these young kids so passionate about helping others with art, and we want to encourage it as much as we can.

The reason this all started was because I was inspired by the heart support streams and community, and now because of streamers like Dan, there is a little town on the other side of the world, with kids making art to make other kids happy. I wanted to share this cause I think it’s important that this community knows the sort of impact they have, changing lives for the better all around the world.


Kia ora! That sounds awesome, I reckon the idea of creative encouragement is so helpful. It’s so cool seeing that it helped the kid having a bad day. I also really appreciate that kids’ feelings are being picked up on, validated, respected, and something is being actively done about it–that’s the kind of support I wish I had! And it must feel so amazing to have your idea continue when you weren’t even there, honestly props to you and your boss too, to encourage and continue artistic activities :blush: This community has definitely helped me pick up my art again too. Thank you for sharing!


i saw this in stream!!
How absolutely lovely to know that that was you, friend! <3

Well done you, brining some joy and creativity and fun to the kids, and creating this little bit of your own HeartSupport art stream there hehe!
Absolutely wonderful!

Sita aka Rohini_868 on twitch :slight_smile:


That’s so cool! Thank you for sharing, it’s very awesome.

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From: lovecraft-pilled

It’s so great to see a small act of kindness snowball into many acts of kindness. It’s exactly the type of thing that makes the world a better place. Thank you so much for sharing!

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, thank you so much for this post, I was fortunate to see you mention this on the Heartsupport stream and witness the heartfelt reaction it received. I am glad you bought it here too as it does indeed send a very important message of how we can make a difference without too much time and effort; all you need is a heart and a willingness to try. It is always a joy to see a post like this, it brightens up this wall no end. I think what you have done is lovely and I am certain the children adore your pictures and the fact that you have also encouraged them to do the same is awesome, this amazing place is all about encouraging people, I know myself that I felt completely enveloped by both love and encouragement when I came here and it does make you want to do more. Keep it up, I’m proud of you. Take care. Much Love Lisa. xx

From: mictek

This really warms my heart to read this! I’m so happy to see so many positive outcomes from this place. It’s wonderful to know that it really does make a difference and you can see it and feel it in the world right now. Much love and light to you and your kids!!! I cannot wait to see who they inspire !!

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Hello Friend, what a wonderful and inspiring, lovely story! I have tears of joy and a warm heart. Heart Support has touched a lot of lives and it’s nice to hear stories and how people have been inspired to spread love and support to others thru art and just giving. Thank you for sharing this! ~Mystrose

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From: Dr Hogarth

Hi kikorangi_ruru,

I am so happy you shared this here as I wasn’t on the stream when you shared it. This is just a perfect example of how gestures of kindness, spending time making something someone else will love, just inspires further kindness.

Your school is lucky to have you. I have no doubt that what you have brought to these children will stay with them forever.

Thanks for being you x

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