Something I realized while listening to MIW

In necessary evil by MIW a lyric is “ you’ve made me the villain you can’t live without”
Had me thinking about that one side of me that is the worst part of me and i wrote this
You made me the villain my whole life that I was wrong and terrible for being my normal healthy weight and that I should cut my self and end my life because no one wants me no one cares you made me the negative one made me the villain the thing to kill and made me seem like I can’t live without you. But you can’t live without me your the poison and I’m the antidote not. good thing that I can live without you but it seems like your out of luck

  • me to my dark side

Hey @Superpiggy - I’ve never heard of that song but I’ll have to check it out! Writing letters to your anxiety/depression can actually be really healthy (depending on what you’re writing about), so I’m glad to hear that you’re addressing your dark side (as opposed to letting it sit and rot). One of the exercises my counselor made me do was to write a letter to my anxiety. It actually helped a lot! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


It’s really good! But yes my old therapist told me that separating myself from my mental illness and telling myself that is not me I am not that evil dark thing I am me. I don’t even consider my mental illness a part of me it’s just this dark little thing that hurts but I will not give it power by saying it’s part of me

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