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Something Needs To Change

Iv’e been living in a pile of shit for too long. I have been abusing substances and been so close to just ending it all. Im not sure what to do anymore. Like I dont talk to anyone anymore and I just feel so lost. I need help and I’m hoping that this community has something of use that can help me.


Well, as an abuser of drugs currently and in the past, i can say that it is a hard road. the reason i stopped the hard stuff was because my roommate at the time overdosed and i found him dead and i did not want to be like that. sometimes you need that kick in the face to set you straight but many people don’t get that. Please dont end it all friend, if you want someone to talk to i can chat with you anytime and we can lean on each other for a greater good. A “cure” for this is not easy and it is really hard without someone there. Regardless, i wish you all the best.

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you are so strong and loved. Please hold on. The HS community loves you. You are safe here. Stay safe please

There is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark and long that tunnel seems to be. We are here to help and support you. You are loved!

Hey Jedren – so sorry to hear you’re in a dark spot right now. That sucks. And I know that is an understatement to write. I’ve been in a similar spot before. Truthfully things right now aren’t great for myself either BUT things are moving forward and I think that’s what would greatly have an impact on you. Just having things move forward even by just a little. Something that will provide some hope. I’m not gonna lie there’s a great bit of effort that will come from you, exercises that practice shifts in perception, reaching out to others when you deep down don’t feel like it, even getting out and just moving. Just to get those endorphines pumping to help the body feel a little better. It may seem pointless or ineffective but these things really do help even if they get you past that deep dark spot your mind is in.

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