Sometimes every day is a struggle can you relate t

So very true :raised_hands::heart::fire: love NoMo for ever :grin::notes::dizzy:

Thanks!! Can relate , been struggling economically since I haven’t find a job after my accident . It is hard to be positive person. But I do have a home and few good friends and my family in Mexico

The last year had been so brutal where every day for six months was worse than the day before. Nothing I used to enjoy brought me pleasure and I couldn’t even listen to music anymore because everything just sounded like noise. I felt such emotional and mental pain that I didn’t know how I could keep going and I knew something had to change. Six months ago I went to a psychiatrist and therapist and told them everything about how I felt and now I’m finally getting back to feeling fully like myself again.

Every human on earth should go to therapy at some point. It’s as important to not only learn what areas we need to work on but which areas we must celebrate :pray:t2:

Love you man ! Great words :raised_hands:

This 100%.===============

I committed suicide in August of 2023……….obviously they got me back but I was dead for about eight minutes. The backstory is too long but I have been advocating for losing the stigma every single day since I woke up.

I’ve spent the last 1.5yrs rebuilding a healthy gut microbiome and my mental health has done a 180 :star_struck: Who knew all the good feels and the capacity to deal with life’s challenges come from a happy gut :woman_shrugging:t3:🫶🏼


Take care of yourself :heart_hands:==

Right on=================

Hugs to you. I love love love that you are open about this. It’s important for people to know they are not alone. Every time I explain to my middle school students that I suffer from anxiety, they are blown away. I’ve watched the relief of not feeling alone spread over them, and it hurts me to know how much they struggle with that; feeling that they have to hide or put on such a facade all of the time.