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Song "You say-Lauren daigle"


This song hit me hard it so relatable to me the part where it talking about “fighting voices in my head” I understand the voice telling that i’m useless/fat/ugly/i’m better off dead and that i should kill myself" then when it say that “people say im strong and i think i’m weak” I understand ;( I don’t feel strong when i relapsed and just wanna break down crying


Hey Jaceofspace!

I hear ya. It’s maddening to try and juggle all the voices speaking into our lives right?! You’ve got your own voice, society, other people, and spiritual influences as well. Who’s right? Who defines you? Which one should you listen to?

It’s cliche, but I like the “Tale of two wolves” - where a boy asks an old man about the battle of good and evil within him. He likens the good and evil to wolves, fighting within his head, and in his suffering asks the old man “Which one is going to win??” The old man tells him, “The one you feed”. I resonate with that, and I hope you do to.

The voice that tells you that you are a strong, beautiful, passionate, confident, able person is the one to listen to, thats what I’d say.


Thank you it’s so hard listen to that side of me when the other voices are fading that one out if that make senses I really wanna listen to that voice while growing up that only voice i listen to because that what I got told so hard now listen to it IT LIKE retraining the brain and myself