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Sorry I'm posting again


I woke up in the worse mood ever. I’m super irritatated and angry today. I allowed myself to have a few good days and than as soon as a bad moment hit it completely tailsspins me into not wanting to try. I’m so tired of fighting my mind everyday. I’m tired of working at a place where I have to fake it and be friendly while dealing with rude people and working in a high stress environment. I tried to do a position where I don’t have to work with people but of course it didn’t work out. Trying so hard to not self harm, to not pick my fingers, to get out of this place so I won’t snap at people or management. I’m trying to not judge my emotions but it’s really hard. Tired of having mood swings all the time, feeling hopeful one moment and than having all these emtions to deal with. Trying so hard to just sit with these things and choose recovery


Hey @Fashionlover0191 I’m sorry to hear you are having one of those days. And I’m sorry you have to deal with rude ass people at work. Things will even themselves out tho. We all have to take the bad that comes with the good, unfortunately as humans our brains fixate on the bad and have a better time remembering/ dwelling on the bad that happens. However we can re-wire our brains to remember the good its hard but it is possible. Please try to keep your head up friend. Tomorrow is a new day, and today isn’t over.

Hold fast friend. I’ve got your back


Thanks for the support. Im still pushing forward and have been able to not act on behaviors going to try to do some self care tonight and keep pushing forward.


That’s awesome. I’m proud of you friend