Sorry my post offended anyone

Just wanna to talk something, been posting dark stuffing did in about my mistakes I made in the past. Lately really need an place vent this crap out so I don’t show on social media and burden my family. I know these are heavy topic and don’t want to offend anyone. In the past I treated women like crap and I was abuse in someway. The thing I’m here to justify my action abs say low as me, please forgive me. I don’t want someone think I’m trying to get pity and be forgive. Looking back I’m disgusted of what I did, those mistake I wish could change.

I want to say I’m sorry to women that had deal with asshole like me. You don’t deserve any of this. You don’t deserve to belittle or to be control.The from co thing that society does to women is wrong and need to change.

It haunted that people will see me as creep and abuse. I hate that part of me. cause this side that love feminism, love a girl that be independent, brave, smart and kind. I look to women that are badass, that fight for what right and do the right thing.

I hope you girl can see, I’m sorry what’s I’m done. That I look up to you, respect you and I do appreciate you. Again thank you for all thing you done.


Hey @Metalskater1990,

Thank you for being here and sharing about what you did in the past.

I can only speak for myself, so take it as it is. I’m a woman. I was sexually abused in the past, by men. I’ve read your last topic and I didn’t feel offended at all. I respect you. I respect your honesty. And I think it takes a lot of humility to talk about the things you did. Sure, you expressed your own frustration too, but that’s part of the range of emotions you have the right to feel, and to express. That’s what this place is for, as long as it’s done respectfully.

I personally believe that the worse thing for someone who was abusive in some way is to give in to shame, guilt and self-bashing, because it feeds the violence itself. Shame is a double-edged sword, and our responsibility, as individuals, is to turn it into accountability. Most of the time though, we need others to do that.

When we find it difficult to face ourselves, to face what we did and take the responsibility of it, we’re more likely to keep hurting others again and again. The less constructive attitude would be to remain in constant denial, and that’s not what I see in your message right now. You are aware that what you did was wrong. Period.

Now, what are you going to do with this awareness? I want to encourage you to not let yourself drown by the thought that you would be disgusting. Because unlike what you said: you are able to change. But to see this, you’ll need to learn to see yourself differently. It’s the only way to learn from what happened. Otherwise we create self-fulfilling prophecies. “I’m a monster, so I have to remain hidden because I’ll keep hurting others”, is one of them.

Learning, bettering ourselves, progressing is inherent to our human condition. You are not doomed to repeat the same actions over and over, to perceive women the same way for your entire life. But it’s indeed up to you to work on it, at your own pace. Being vulnerable and honest about it is part of it. It’s a first step.

Talking about something wrong that we did doesn’t mean we are proud of it. I don’t believe that’s what you conveyed in your posts and I don’t see any reason to ask for forgiveness - at least right here.

There is a balance to find between internalizing the shame or turning it into something more destructive. Between those extremes, there is a possibility for inner peace, but it’s a long and difficult process. It sounds to me that you’re looking after this balance in your life, and I understand that it might be a painful task to achieve when, deep inside, you feel torn between anger and shame. But I believe you can get there, at your own pace.


Thank you micro!!

I wanted to say I’m sorry what you gone through. It dose make feel sad that abuse happen and just make life harder. I do appreciate that you see I’m trying fix my mistakes. Selfish to see do respect women and also do believe a lot in feminism.

On the hand, you are reason why I want to change. Because want all us not to be abuse. Also know close people that been abuse and can’t migration what they feel like. Side note, I do see problems with toxic masculinity, it affect both men and women. It dose not guy how to be men more like asshole that can’t Amit thier feeling and insecurities.

Again thank you for being open


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