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Sorry you are going through this, I know this feeling all too well when I lost my grandmother and a close friend being in a dark place I don’t wish upon my enemies. It took a long time for me to ouch myself to get out of that dark place of Depression, lack of empathy for others, hate, isolation, it was another side of me I never seen. I prayed for a better tomorrow God to be me strength to lift me if I’m down due to Trauma and loss of grief. Prayers for you @austin.mcauley


@dalyssa0721 I’m happy to hear you were able to pull yourself through depression and that dark space you were in. Even more thankful that you are still here to this day! Stay positive, try to keep your head up. Positive vibes your way!

@dalyssa0721 thank you so much for sharing and so sorry for your loss❤️ I’m thankful for this platform where we can share our experiences and find healing together.

i feel sorry for your loss my friend, my toughts are with you. you are strong coming out of that, give
yourself some self care. you deserve a better tomorrow, you are worth of all the good in the world and
you matter, have a nice day and Greetings

@austin.mcauley thank you

@tyler_k2347 Thank you===

We’re glad that you are here today, friend. This dark place that you’ve been experiencing is not one to stay in, but it is surely one that we collectively relate to in face of this unfair experience that is grief. It is absolutely confusing and disheartening to lose such a huge part of your world, of your heart. Someone you’re left with silence, and while the world keeps moving on it gets difficult to keep the same pace as before. It feels lonely, unfair, beyond comprehension. What you’ve been through is absolutely valid, understandable, and I hope you keep giving yourself as much grace as possible when waves of grief may hit you. Losing someone we love takes so much out of us. Be gentle with yourself, as much as possible. How you feel is valid always, and the pace to follow is the own you create. If you ever need to talk, we’re here for you. <3

:hrtlovefist::hrtlovefist: powerful, your perseverance. Thank you for your courage and strength - and sharing your story.