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Soul destroyed and lonely

I was part of a sect that ruined my life, I don’t know what’s real anymore, back into the despair phase, don’t know what to do

I get lonely often… Don’t feel appreciated, sect ruined me mentally and I’m supposed to be finding work… I’ve basically reverted into a child… I just want friends and someone special to hold ;(

The only person I ever wanted to be with was at that group… I’d never go back but I just wish she knew how special I thought she was


You are strong. We know this because you broke free. Now things aren’t easy, but when good people find you and support you, you will succeed. We are hear for you all throughout it.

“Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again”


Thanks (:

I guess I did withstand years of brain torture before I got out…
There’s no one to find me though… I don’t go anywhere or do anything


I know that kind of situation so well–don’t know anyone, don’t have opportunities to know anyone new, don’t have anything outside of your own thoughts. It feels endless. It IS endless, until it ends. But you don’t know when it will end and it feels like it will never subside. I have experienced this before more than once.

This hellish pandemic has made everything so much harder, especially just being with other people. It is hard to do in a safe way. But if there is a safe way for you to try where you are, even over Zoom, it may be something to try when you feel you can.

I hope that others on here can offer you more good thoughts. I think our hopes and aspirations can be a source of strength. Sometimes we need brand new ones, even if we don’t know when we will fulfill them.

I have to go know but I want to wish you everything good. I do not pray, but I very strongly wish you the best.


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