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There is nobody in my life that I can talk to

I’ve felt that way too; but you know what? You can find people to talk to and connect here. Welcome!

I feel this, but what’s great is now there is. This community wants to hear your voice. Your voice matters here. It’s important. Your hurt matters, your joy matters.

You can share anything here, and people will listen.

Sending love friend.

Hey Friend,

First I want to let you know, because my forum name is now different then my discord/twitch name, and so we can hopefully connect that this is anonymouse97! First I want you to know that I am so so glad that you reached out, and I’m so glad that you are alive! I’m so glad that you had the courage to reach out, because I’ll be honest sometimes that’s the hardest step to make!

I want you to know as someone who’s apart of Souzy’s community, that if all else fails you are wanted in that community, and I would love to connect with you, hear more of your story, and show you some more love and encouragement! Your life matters, and you are loved, and you are important! And I’m so glad that you are alive! This world wouldn’t be better without you! You were made in God’s image, and you have a purpose here!

I’m sorry that you are struggling, and you feel so alone. But I want you to know that you are not alone, not only do you have Souzy’s community, but you also have this one! You matter, and you are loved. You don’t have to fight the struggles of life alone, there’s so many people who care about you! Please don’t ever give up, keep holding on my friend. Much love.

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It!

Love Always,

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It’s okay. I feel like I have no one too sometimes. And at those times I try my hardest to find it in myself to be the person who can lift myself up and be there for myself. It’s okay to be alone. It makes us stronger and when we get stronger we will attract people in our lives that will soon help lift us up :heart: