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I have been dealing with anxiety for a good portion of my life, and it seems as though right as i am about to be healed something goes wrong. Parts of my life are not fitting for my anxiety. My girlfriend lives 700 miles away, my anxiety gives me trust issues and fear of loss, which is so difficult for me. I always think in my head “what if leaves me, or just talks to me because they feel bad?”. Its a constant fear, and as i want to be healed, i find the same fear in making pushes towards healing.

I face anxiety with life as well. I lived day to day worrying about love, family and everything that it weighed me down the fear drowned me.
It took me opening up about my feelings to myself and others that helped me gain some control, learned that my comfort zone is blinding me. I had one or two friend who helped push me out of my normal it can be through eating at a new place, trying a new place, doing that new thing. Try to break those smaller things that keep your safe place up and the more and more you can see that the fear is really taking over.
Take it one day at a time, with your partner, friends, family and yourself. It maybe hard, but try one day at a time to be honest about all of this and that can help you slowly.

From: snowkatrina

Def talk to your family. Sometimes family is oblivious to how you are feeling if you don’t express. My family and I did not even see my sister dealing with her mental health