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Stars and Daggers

    Hi my name is Josiah Anxiety is a creature scratching the walls Depression is a demon I need the ground is my suffering eternal I'm dying inside I feel alone the nightmare is alive sorrow is written on my face angels cry with me I walk on water tigers and wolves in a scorpion cave heaven leads me through the tunnel to a butterfly garden I see a polar bear flower I crawl into a grave monkeys climb the arena the birds devour my seed a stone sun on a cold path dragons fly in a sky of light and hope a blade falls as the rain weeps orcs grow like thorns a shallow river of poison flames will guide me to the arms of Christ scarecrows and wizards follow me I feel hell I see deer goats breaking through the dark you turned shadows into stars oh your breath awakens us my skin is fading in a suicide twilight


I’ve dealt with such feelings too. When you’re ready to share more of your experience, we’ll be here.

We care.


Hey Josiah,

Well done for initiating this journal. Writing down our thoughts and feelings is such a powerful outlet. Not always an easy or comfortable one! But definitely one that can bring clarity or further peace when our heart needs it.

I hate that you get to experience how depression and anxiety feel. As you’ve described so very well, there are times when it feels like pure agony. Those feelings are some that I can relate with and I hope you keep in mind during times like these that you are not alone, that how you feel does not define you. Life has a lot more to offer, even if while battling depression and anxiety, there are times when it feels like it’s entirely painted in black.

I’m looking forward to your future journal entries here. Keep writing, keep trying, keep being. You are loved. :hrtlegolove:


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