Starting a business

I’m going to get my food handlers to start a small bakery stand in the summertime, and I’m going to ask my mom if we can stop by the HOA office today to see if it’s allowed. I’m thinking of embroidering the logo on an apron, so I’ll share that and pictures of my bakery stand with you guys, and maybe, if I can, I’ll sell my goods at the farmers market in Olympia.

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How exciting!
Oh, I do hope you continue to share, I’d be very interested in what you’re doing.
It’s a small world Scarlette_Elle, I was born in Olympia. :heart:

Cool! Do you still live here?

No, I don’t but I’m not too far, I often take my dogs to the coast for a day, so I drive though Olympia on my way.
I’ve been to Wagner’s Bakery there on Capital Way more times than I can count, yum. Did I mention, I have a serious addiction to baked goods. :slight_smile:

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