Starting over with no trust

So i decided to go back to Chicago and leave my familys welcome my 2 boys to get back with the woman who accused me of raping her.she bought me a ticket go me back to our apartment and duaghter and trying…i mean fighting to regain what we lost.its been really hard to figure out what’s the real outcome and motivation to be together again.i do love her still and she did admit some wrong me.and her family.but I’m still stuck thinking shes lieing.almost everyday we have been argueing.ive been taking steps to try to make her feel wanted and love her how I javent and I feel she isnt doing the same.her smile draws me in.our touch is still magical our kiss is still vibrant …its the doubts in our heads that get everything going.ive been cooking cleaning loving and disowned by my side of the family and friends .i burned my last bridge for her and our daughter.idk if this is a mistake or a gaining of trust I need to accept.i know its not a one way street.i no my opinion should matter but I feel she is taking me or my feelings into perspective or letting herself move forward with me.miles away from any support I no I’m on my own.


Thank you for posting. It sounds to me like you’re going back to this woman and the relationship is already starting off on unsteady ground, so to speak. If you don’t trust her at this point, it would be good to ask yourself what your motives are for going back to her, and then to figure out how likely it is, realistically, that you’ll be able to build that trust. If you are distrusting now, and she’s given you actual reasons for you to not trust her, and continues to do so, you probably want to reevaluate getting back together with her.

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