Starting to not feel vaild tw sh

I’m really starting to not feel vaild for my sh because there not scarring and not deep enough i know there still vaild if they are not deep but it just dosen’t feel like it


Are you hoping to feel a certain intensity of pain, or do you want to see damage? What feels valid?


i just want more pain an to see more damage is what feels more vaild to me.


Your pain/struggle (in any and all forms) is completely valid. Especially here in the forum. Is this something thats been on your mind a lot?


Horselover, I’m sorry that you are feeling like you need to feel/see more for your sh to seem valid to you. Can I ask if there is something happening in your life that makes you feel like you need to see/feel more right now? The pain and struggle in your life is valid / you are valid and your feelings are valid. If you are feeling a need to feel more - can I ask if you have a safety plan for your sh? Your safety is also valid. As you work through this pain, please be sure to have a safety plan. Please be careful my friend. You are so much more important to this world than you realize. You matter.


I think this post should be something that’s brought up when you’re talking to your mental health providers. I’m just now seeing this one, but I am still hoping for the best, hun.

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I do not have an safety plan for my sh right at this moment

About the Safety Plan category here’s a good resource here at heart support to start one. there’s worksheets on the internet to create one as well, but you should always follow up with a professional regarding your safety plan. Crisis lines can help you through making one as well. <3