Starting University today

Hello! I have the need to vent, I’m starting the University today, well, not the University but really a course previous to the University to help me be prepared enough for when the University starts in 2 months from now.
And the thing is i feel anxious about doing this because of my age, I’m 29 and I’m gonna be sharing classes with people younger than me, around 17-21 is the average. And this makes me feel like i wasted my life all this years and now i’m trying to mend it but it might by to late. It’s like doing this is the same as accepting i have failed in life and i have to bare with the shame of it. I’m afraid of what others might say of me, make jokes/talk behind me, things like “the old guy who is still supported by his parents, live with them, is broke, etc etc etc…” i’m not gonna give up even so, but i am afraid this might affect my social relations while i am at this, and it’s the last thing i want, of course i am not doing this to meet people but is still part of the University experience. I just don’t wanna go trough to the hole experience alone with an angry face missing opportunities, and i know that my attitude is very important. But rn i’m afraid of what other people say/think of me. And deep down is because i am ashamed of myself. So, yeah, this is a cry for help.

I’m of the opinion better late than never we all move on our own path and journey. Where I attended university there were people fresh out of secondary school but also had mix ages. There were people who just got out of the military and are now doing university in their mid to late twenties sometimes early thirties. We all take different paths in life and some of us take longer than most it’s the journey not the time. If people say anything to you about being older that is on them not you. Hope that university goes well for you and that you can accomplish your goals.

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