Still hurting

I’m still hurting from my moms loss. I still don’t know how to express my feelings


From: Ash (Discord)

Hello Mrsyn I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I know for me personally loss is very hard. I did read your other more newer post and wanted to add some of that here. It sounds like to me that you are struggling with a lot over that loss. It would be important to get support from like better help. But either way we are here to listen. I highly want to discourage the use of alcohol to cope with this because its just a mask to cover what is truly the pain you are feeling. Also doing that to your self can be very bad for you. Its never easy to deal with feelings but sometimes we have too. Can I ask what your mom meant to you maybe talking about that will help you too. We are here for you. Hold fast


From: Micro (Discord)

Dear Mrsyn, thank you so much for sharing about how you feel. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m used to say that really there is not enough words to describe how it feels when we have to compose with the absence of someone we loved dearly. In a couple of years I’ve lost three close family members, and losing my brother was certainly the most devastating loss I experienced. It was brutal, and the months that followed his disappearance were part of the worst times of my life. How you feel makes sense, friend. Being angry, sad, feeling lost, looking after a way to cope… those are intense emotions that you didn’t expect to deal with. It is unfair, and overwhelming at times, but know that you won’t have to go through these waves alone. We will be by your side through all of this, and remind you that there isn’t a good or bad way to grieve. There is what you feel, and how you feel in these in these circumstances is absolutely valid. I’m glad you’re going to check out BetterHelp, and I hope this is going to be really helpful to you. Give us some updates, if that’s okay for you. We care about you. <3

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Hey Mrsyn,

Grief fucking sucks, there’s no easy way to deal with grief. No amount of I’m sorry’s make you feel any better, because the reality is nothing anyone says will bring back the person that you lost.

So take your time my friend, grieve! Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to get over it, that you need to move on, or that you need to be okay. If you’re angry, be angry. If you’re sad, be sad. You have a right to feel the emotions you’re feeling and spend how much ever time you need to heal and to grieve! Hold fast my friend!

Hold Fast,

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Hey brother I hear you. Grief is such a hard hard emotion. So complex and deep, and it feels like nothing anyone else can say can penetrate that barrier of darkness.

Hold on during this storm my dude. Grasp whatever you can, whatever brings you job, whatever reminds you that you will be ok, and that you will make it through it. We’re here for you.

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