Still in love and trying to help

So my ex who i am in love with. He’s all messed up mentally that’s why we broke up and he does stupid shit to me. I try and be there for him but all he does is push me away. I don’t get it cause I’ve only ever been good to him and love him and he still treats me like shit. I just love him.

@Hopeless.romantic, honestly I know next to nothing about real-life love, but try talking to him, asking him why he does what he does. Why do you love him? Does he love you?
He may be going through some tough times. Men can be extremely confusing, but if you think he’s worth it, then you do.

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I had a similar problem. I am also still in love with my ex. But I had to let go.
First of all ask yourself if you are ever going to get back with him. What you want yourself.
Then you may help him if not leave him.
Some people take a while yo open up to you. So don’t be pushy. There am be a possibility that you can’t help because he doesn’t want you to. You just have to ask. It could be triggering to see you around.
Sometimes you have to think about what’s best for him and you
Hold fast

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I’ve tried talking to him so many times. Never works.