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Still paranoid!

Well since the mistake I made at work 2 weeks ago I have been in a pretty bad place. I’m starting to get a little better but still paranoid of another mistake happening. Yesterday somone put a part i built on a machine. I left before I was able to see it work. It was the same kind of part that I built that failed 2 weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about this all night. I would wake up with nothing but bad thoughts about it breaking and people talking about it at work and my reputation being destroyed. All day long it’s running through my head. I’m so concerned about it I might go into work early to make sure nothing happened. I hate this. This is controlling my life. So far I have a decent reputation. I don’t want things to get like they were at my last job when I made mistakes. I was young and everyone judged me there. I hate this. It’s affecting my life outside of work. It’s affecting my sleep and my attention towards my kids and wife. Plz help me???

wow that is horrible they should not treat you like that

try to tell your boss how they are treating you

I was talking about I don’t want what happened at my last job to happen to me now. No one at my new job is really messing with me about it. I’m afraid if I mess up again I will look like an idiot and people will think I’m a bad worker. I’m Paranoid I might make another mistake and people will find out and I will look like a idiot.

you should talk to your wife it might help