STILL Waiting on Results

Hey all,

For those that have seen my previous posts here, you know I’m awaiting results to see if I am on the Autism spectrum.

I’m so anxious right now, because I was supposed to receive my results 3 weeks ago. I emailed the office I tested with and they said I’d have the results the week of November 15th… This week… I still haven’t heard anything and it’s almost Friday. I don’t want to pester them with emails asking about my results but I literally cannot handle this waiting game, I’m ready to jump out of my skin.

I don’t even know how I really feel, I’m anxious and I don’t know. I’m other emotions too, but I can’t put it into words. How do I not feel like this? I just want to know the results so I can seek a therapist that will help me understand myself.

I want to know so I can inform the people I love and be able to communicate better with them. I can’t even make eye contact with my own parents, and I’m 24 years old, live on my own, pay my bills, have a job, everything. But I also can’t handle all of this. I get so stressed out that I break down and freak out and yell and scream and hit myself. It’s embarrasing.

I don’t want to be like that, I want to learn how to understand and address my feelings, but I feel like I need this diagnosis (whether it’s a yes or a no) to actually know where to start with therapy. I tried therapy several times for almost 10 years, and I just feel like I don’t ever grasp what tools they are trying to give me.

I just don’t know how I can wait any longer. I keep checking my inbox for emails and my phone for missed calls from them. I have OCD and it’s starting to take over.

What if they don’t call me or email by tomorrow?
Do I wait until next week to email them again?
If I wait till next week, do I email them on Monday or wait until the end of the week?
I feel like I’m going to cry.
What do I DO??


Oh @bluejay_18 I’m really sorry that they didn’t come back to you with the results yet. The waiting is long, indeed! It’s very strong of you to have already waited 3 more weeks. This diagnosis process is so important to you - and for very valid reasons.

Please know that none of this or your reactions are embarrasing at all. You are handling the stress as you can. Although it would be really good to plan ahead some ways to release this stress in ways that are non harmful to you. Have you ever been in a similar situation - one that caused a stressed like that? Do you have some coping mechanisms you know you can rely on already?

As for your email/results, in your situation I would email them again tomorrow if you don’t have any results. If you can call them directly, I’d choose that option - as it’s more impactful and direct than emails. Although if you’re only comfortable with emails, it’s okay too! The reason why I’d suggest you to do that email tomorrow rather than Monday, is so you can spend the weekend at least knowing that you have done what you could/what was in your control at the moment. It’s more in order to serve you and anticipate the weekend during which you’d have, in any case, no news from them, yet deserve to be at peace in the meantime.

Also, if you need to cry right now: it’s okay. Stress piles up sometimes and it’s absolutely healthy to release it by crying. Just make sure that it remains safe for you. If you can, wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket. Hold something that comforts you/is soft to touch. Listen to music that warms your heart or soothes you. Overall, make sure to be in a calm environment right now. Your body and your mind need it. :hrtlegolove:

You will be okay, @bluejay_18. The results will arrive even if we don’t know when yet. But right now you’ve done a lot and it’s going into the right direction.


From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋ (Discord)

Hi @bluejay_18 , thinking of you today, I hope you’ve gotten your results and we would love to hear how you’re doing. Take care! ~Lizzy


From: SuchBlue (Discord)

Hi bluejay, I remember one of your previous posts where you were really excited to get the results of the test, and it is really saddening that you have still yet to get any feedback on anything. There is no need to be afraid to ask for further information about the progress on your test, as at the end of the day they are the ones who have yet to give you the results. In the meantime, just enjoy life! Even just a little walk can help you forget about everything and give you that little time to relax and have your mind cleared from all the worries. You can do this! -SuchBlue :hrtlegolove:


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Bluejay, Hi Friend, I remember your other posts well, its so good to hear from you, I am only sorry that it is under these circumstances. I am so very sorry that you are so upset and that you have been let down by the office with your results. Unfortunately, this is something that happens a lot when it comes to anything medical. You rarely get results on the day you are told you will but that doesn’t stop you waiting and being anxious whilst you wait. You are quite ok to message the office on Monday to ask about them if you want but I would like you to try and relax over the weekend if you can as all this worry is not helping you and the OCD is only going to get worse friend. Try to calm down. Everything you want to gain from your results will happen, but it will take just a few more days which if you think is not much time in your whole lifetime. Take care for now my friend and please keep us updated. Much Love Lisa.


Thinking of you @bluejay_18. I hope you manage to find some peace this weekend.

Again, you will be okay. :hrtlegolove:


Good luck today @bluejay_18 hope you hear something :crossed_fingers: :heart:



I’m still waiting to hear back from the office - I’ve been on edge all weekend, and I’m just trying to hang on for the anxiety ride at this point.

I think my heightened anxiety caused some tension between me and my s/o this weekend. I feel pretty bad, even though I apologized, and he reassured me it was okay / he wasn’t upset with me, and that he understood that I’m just stressed out. I wish I could take a vacation until they just send me the results :confused:

I did some research on local therapists that specialize in Autism and personality disorders in the hopes that I’ll be able to just send my SOS once I receive my diagnosis. I want to get help so badly, but this particular step in the process is so long and drawn out it’s wearing me out. Unfortunately, I need this step in order to get the right therapist that I can trust will listen to what I am trying to say and help me find tools I can actually use.

I know I’ll get there, and they will send me the results and I will be relieved - moving forward will feel easier once that happens. It’s just the longest wait ever.

It’s like the moment in a movie where you know something bad is gonna happen when it goes totally silent, but the silence just continues for days until finally the jumpscare happens. I’m ready for the f*cking jump scare already


I am sorry that you are still waiting, you have described the feeling so well. Also in this situation it can almost feel personal, of course it isn’t but because it’s so important to you it’s hard to believe that the people at the office can’t comprehend that and just do it faster. I understand that you just feel in limbo and I’m pleased your s/o has been understanding. I think many have been in situations where we are awaiting important or life changing news so there is a lot of empathy here. Maybe you could call tomorrow and see if they know anything, tell them how anxious you are, they should help.


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