Stress and fear sum it up

Having another meeting with my boss and last time it was going over things that needed to get done. I’m scared out of my mind that I’ll end up losing this job. Me and my wife are expecting in January as well and we just got a car as well. I can’t lose this job but I don’t know what else I can do…haven’t ever felt this stressed, afraid and alone in my entire life



First off welcome to the support wall. I am glad you felt safe enough to reach out to us for support over this situation and these concerns. Second congrats on the incoming child that can in itself be a lot of stress so I can understand that fear.

As far as the meeting with your boss I have a few follow up questions for you. Did you get all the things he asked done to some extent? Did you put effort into them? Perhaps finding out the answers in your own mind to these questions will help you to know if the stress and fear and such are on strong points. Also I want to add a job is a job there are others yes it might make life tougher for a little bit but at some point we make everything we need to work. That doesnt mean you dont have the right to stress or be fearful as you literally have a short time before some major changes in your life. I personally have come to realize that I need to not put the cart before the horses. When I stress and panic about something income I loose the good till that point. So I want to encourage you to see that hey what good could come out of this? Maybe your boss is more or less calling you in to say hey I am proud of you for work this hard. Or to say hey we need to talk about faternity leave or something along those lines.

Hold fast


Hi TeMeister
This is a tought time and I feel you. It can be pretty stressful to get into a situation like that. But remember no amount of anxiety has ever changed the future or the outcome. Try to think about it rationaly. Does your boss have any reasons to fire you. Can they afford it? What is your relationship. Are they the type of person that would just fire someone like that? Have they done something like that before? Answers to these questions can tell you if your fear is rational or not.

I hope things will turn out for the better and you will be ok. Wishing you luck. :slightly_smiling_face: Btw congratulations on the child. have you thought about a name with you wife?


Hey @TeMeister,

I’m so sorry for all the stress you are feeling right now. The perspective of potentially losing your job while there’s so many important perspectives at play is absolutely understandable. When you’ve worked so hard to create a sense of stability in your life, you don’t want to lose it, especially when there’s the person you share your life with that is involved and could be impacted by it.

I want you to know that, no matter what happens during your meeting, we are here and we will be with you through all of it. You’re not alone, okay? And no decision that your boss might want to take would be the result of your worth, your abilities or your willingness to do your best.

As for your work environment, your relations with your boss and the outcomes of your last meeting, how would describe it? Is it a place where you are more than welcome to learn and grow, even rom potential mistakes? Or is more about expecting a lot of you constantly and not encouraging you in progressing? There might be ways to approach the whole situation for it to be positive both for you and your boss. Even if theey spend time mentioning things that should have been done, show that you are carefully listening to what they say, eventually plan ahead some steps to take/implement in your schedule and tell them directly. Overall, show your commitment and willingness to learn from these meetings. They are bosses who may be upset over tasks that aren’t done yet, but who could also really acknowledge an individual’s commitment, willingness to learn and to progress. That alone can weigh a lot in someone’s perception of their employees.

I have no doubt that you are not there by mistake and you are absolutely capable of following on the tasks that are given to you. I believe in you entirely. And once again, we are here for you, friend, no matter what.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:


Hi TeMeister and welcome to the forum :hrtlegolove:

It can be a lot. A child, a job, a family. You might want to clear some things up with your boss. You might want to clarify with him that the job is making you stressed with all the work that is going on. Is your boss thinking about firing you? Is your boss unhappy with you? And if so, why? What can you improve and whatnot? It feels like you are not certain with what the boss wants you to do or feel, so doing that will definitely make you feel better.

Congratulations on the child, and I believe that you can do this :slightly_smiling_face: ~SuchBlue


Yup, his name is gonna be Dawson

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Yeah it’s always been hard because I’ve always wanted to do the best I can at work and they provided a list for me and I’ve been doing the things they ask on it just feel overwhelmed



Hi @TeMeister Checking up on you to see if you’ve had your meeting and how it went. Let us know! ~Mystrose

From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, TeMeister! Congratulations on the baby! How did things go with your boss? I hope everything worked out and you aren’t feeling so stressed. Keep us updated please :hrtlegolove:

From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, just checking in to see how that meeting went and how you are feeling now? I really hope all is ok with work, with you and your wife and your stress levels. Have a great christmas and please feel free to message any time you wish, we are always here.

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