Stress and on the verge of crying 😢

My trip is coming up and I am packing. I have too many clothes. It’s so stressful😭

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Is it possible to pack less clothes? I tend to pack the amount of clothes equal to half of the days spent on the trip, up to 7 sets. This way, I can change regularly while keeping my pack light. Trips can definitely be stressful, especially the fear of not packing enough. I like to think about the ‘bare minimum necessities’ for your trip, as long as you have those, everything will be fine. Enjoy your trip!


No, it’s not like that.

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If you are comfortable, can you provide more context? I can better help you if I know more about why you are stressed.

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From: Manni XP

Hey, thanks for sharing.
Sorry your trip is causing stress!
You mention feeling like you have too many clothes.
Have you considered donating them to a local place? If it’s a matter of an overly full wardrobe, that can be a great means of decluttering - I know it helps me feel better!


Hi there @Katelynn,

Thank you for sharing with us and for being here. Traveling can be so stressful, particularly if you don’t go frequently! It can be quite overwhelming and the worry can be significant! With that said, I hope you enjoy your time and have a nice trip.

If there’s anything specific bugging you when it comes to stepping away from home, we’re here for you and would love to hear more. Even if you can’t directly contact us during your trip, we’ll still be here for you when you get back.

<3 Tuna

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Thank you, @eagertuna0. I really appreciate that! I know you guys won’t be here with me in person. My trip is in two weeks. I’m not at the location right now, but in two weeks I will be. :frowning::smiley:


Hey there @Katelynn, just checking in :slight_smile: How has been with the preparation of your trip? Do you feel a little more ready?

Thinking of you as the scheduled time is approaching progressively. <3