I have been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. from what i am being told its is stress and the body reacts to the stress. what is happening to me is my face droops. my eye can go closed. side of face down my neck, shoulder, down my arm to my fingers go numb and weak. and I also get, on bad attacks, I go out of it. responses are slow and a little slurred. I am still kind of there when it happens and I worry about am i going to come out of it when the bad ones hit. this has been going on for 1y9m now. i have had multiple tests done with multiple hospital stays. I am not allowed to drive since then and not allowed to return to work. know i am getting depressed because no one is finding anything out about this. I was told they are doing this because since the drs cant find anything out they are lumping me into this disorder.

Hey there, I am very sorry that you are going through all of this. I understand what it can feel like to have a million questions with no answers, or waiting for answers, from medical professionals. I hope you are using your time to not get stuck in your mind, and I also hope that you have a supportive group of friends and/or family around you to help support you during this time of uncertainty.

I’ve experienced many of these same feelings over the past couple of months, and I’ve found it helpful to start a wave of positive action to combat my anxiety and depression with the mantra “this isn’t your fight, you were meant for much greater.”

Take care, hold fast.

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I’m sorry you go through this, friend. But we believe in you. We will give you hope whenever you need it. Like @adam_actual said, there’s positive action. You could try keeping yourself busy with hobbies, like photography, exercising, drawing, etc.
You can do this, you’re stronger than you think.
Never give in! :slight_smile:

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Hey friend!

Everything that has been said before in this thread is absolutely true. Hobby’s and positive action as incredibly useful!

I also want to add one crucial note. You are still a human being. I know that bizarre medical afflictions can make you feel like you are somehow less human, less valuable, or less loveable. That’s absolute garbage.

You are a whole, valuable, and worthwhile human being and you have so much potential, we all do. You were created as a masterpiece and I have no doubt that you will rise above this. Be brave, be bold, and have no fear.

I will keep you in my prayers. I’m not sure if you are a Christian, that’s fine if you’re not, but know that I will be praying for healing and restoration in your body.

Hold fast, friend, there is light at the end.

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thank you all for the words. 8) … i am plugging away. a new dr found something that could be causing issues in my arm so i am thankful for that… your prayers have been answered for this new lead. i just need to find a dr that does it.