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Stress from School

So I’m using Edgenuity for school. That should be easy, right? It was easy to stay on track for a few weeks, but then for 3-4 days I got behind and am now behind by about a week. My mom took my phone(s) and now I can’t animate to let out stress. When I go to school is the only time I get my phone back. I usually try to animate as much as possible while I’m gone because I know once I get home, I have to give my phone back.

I’m struggling in math, English is half fun and half boring, and overall it’s stressful. I’ve worked on homework all day almost every day with no real breaks. I’ve stayed up for almost 42 hours a couple of days ago working on homework. I’m behind in Computer Programming now and can’t work on it much because I’m busy trying to catch up.

My mom says I can vent to her but I’m always so scared to… Whenever I’m around family, I try to hide my true emotions. When I’m alone, I let myself feel sad. I’ve been making vent animations for my vent youtube channel, but haven’t made any positive animations for about a week.

Here’s my latest vent animation:
It helped me feel a bit better but I’m still feeling a bit stressed.


I feel your pain. Anxiety over falling behind was what doomed my college career. It will spiral out of control if you lose your grip on it. The work doesn’t stop coming even though you need to catch up, and it becomes a brutal cycle. It’s stressful and defeating.

I wish I had good advice for you, but really the only way to catch up is to muscle through it. All hope isn’t lost from being one week behind though. You can definitely catch up. To avoid burnout, add the extra work to the structure of your day. 42-hour study sessions are bad all around. You may not catch up in a week, but figure out a reasonable amount of time to add to your day that may get you caught up in, say, 3 weeks. I’d guess an additional 30-60 minutes per class, but I don’t know what your schedule looks like. You’ve got this.


Thank you.

My schedule is:
Monday-Friday: 12-2:40 pm est, Career Center.
Monday-Friday: 3:25-? pm est, work on homework.
Saturday-Sunday: All day, work on homework.
I put ? at the end of 3:25- because it depends on how focused I am on homework during nighttime.