Stress is getting to me

I have so much going on and coping with it is a struggle. As always I still have to deal with my family and I am convinced that situation is not going to get better and I am trying to do what I can to better my home life but I realize the best thing I can do is remove myself completely. I love and care about them but dealing with certain situations nearly my whole life has taken its toll. That brings me to the next thing I am coping with. I am getting ready to graduate university, I wasn’t suppose to graduate until fall but my advisor found a loop hole so that I can be done by summer. I should be happy and I am but I am depressed and scared because I am leaving the one place I know is safe and the one place I can be myself. That ultimately means I am losing my support system from my advisor, school counselor and friends. That has been the one thing that is getting to me the most and has affected me in nearly everything. Also because I am graduating my future seems uncertain because I am in the process of applying to PA Schools and all of that is up in the air because I don’t know if I have been accepted or have to wait another year. The stress of everything is getting to me as I notice that I have developed stress rashes and I have been emotionally charged and it is taking me longer to calm down. I feel bad about the latter because when I met with my school counselor I was emotionally charged and could not be calm and said some things that I should not have said and just came off like a jerk. I could say that it was stress that caused this but that is not an excuse. Truthfully I am hurting and I am scared and just want everything to go well and try to utilize my support system while I still can but it hurts knowing that soon they won’t be there.

Hi friend,
thanks for sharing this with us. What you’re going through is tough and I wanna say thank you for being vulnerable and opening up about this with us!

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with family issues. I wanna encourage you to try to maybe work some of this out with them and try to make the best of the situation, but if you think removing yourself from this will help you, do what’s best for you, friend. Maybe you could use this time to work on yourself and your stress? No matter what you decide, we’ll support it and we’ll be here for you no matter what :heart:

I want you to know that you’ll always have us. We will always be here to give you the support you need. We care about you and I agree, it is really scary to leave the only place you feel comfortable in, but just know that what you’re doing with your life is great and everything is going to be okay.
We are here for you. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Could you possibly start seeing a therapist outside of school?
love you friend. stay strong

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Thank you so much for sharing. It is completely understandable to want to stay in one place when you feel comfortable there. But the point of a support system is to give you the tools to support yourself. So in these remaining months you have, try to gather those tools together so that when it’s time to go, you’ll be ready to be okay. The stress may feel like it is piling on top of you, but it will only feel knee-deep if you know how to deal with it. By the way, that’s amazing that you’re graduating! I am so proud of you. Find peace knowing that you’ve accomplished something many people don’t even come close to. If you feel like that stress is getting to you, try a grounding technique (Find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste).
I know you’re scared, but it will be okay.
You are loved, you matter.

Hang in there friend,

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@nicole_kaley: Thank you for your response I appreciate it. I think given what I want to accomplish and given everything that is going on, I feel that it is best that I remove myself. Despite the chaos I do love and care about them, but I have to realize that I can’t fix them unless I fix myself first. I know I will have you guys in both my good days and my bad days and I know it might cause more harm than good, but I think I might take a break from counseling once I graduate because I don’t want to feel like I am rebounding nor do I want to feel like I am replacing them. (Weird to say I know.) Just trying to cope despite everything and take it all in since it is coming to an end.

@Jaden: Thank you for responding. I definitely want to utilize my resources while I can and try not to be emotionally charged while doing so. I thank you for the grounding technique I want to try it and if anything use it to re-focus on what I am doing.

I want to thank you both for responding, I figured this post got lost when no one responded for nearly a week. the cycle to apply to PA School has opened up and I am excited and nervous but doing everything I can to make that goal a reality. I know I still have a lot to cope with but need to deal with it as best as I can utilize my resources while I can. I know my future seems uncertain but I have to keep holding on and keep fighting so that I can turn my goals into a reality.