Stressed about lots of things

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense, I just need to get it out there. I’ve been struggling in school recently. The homework load isn’t that bad for three of my classes… except the fourth one is rough. I have this class 8 hours a week. I’m expected to rewrite an entire lab procedure each week before lab, and then afterwards do an entire lab report. This week apparently I was supposed to calculate my data a certain way and I didn’t even find out about it until today. It’s worth 60pts (double the normal assignment) because it’s a “formal report”, it’s due tomorrow, and I haven’t even started the practice problems that are graded that go with it. On top of that, I have a lab notebook check due tomorrow for this class as well so I have to finish organizing and putting in information before I scan my notebook and send it in. That’s just for one class and it’s about this stressful every week. My first exam for this class is next week and I don’t feel prepared whatsoever (although once I get my lab stuff done I will have time over the weekend to do the review).

I haven’t gotten in my HR stuff for my job that was due two weeks ago. Granted I will only have an hour of work to put on my timesheet, it’s due tomorrow and I feel bad about that.

I have a response paper due on Thursday for another class. And I’m still trying to catch up from a different class that I joined two weeks late.

My abusive ex texted me last week saying that he was probably going to be dead in the next week or two. I didn’t respond to him because I’m trying my best to not talk to him. I sent his brother a message and ask if he could check up on the ex. I hate that I still care about my ex. I wish we could be friends but I know that’s unrealistic and very very unhealthy. I don’t know why I’m still attached and I wish I could stop (I rarely text them and as I said I’m trying not to at all). I know this is a concern for my current partner but I don’t know how to just shut off the feelings towards him.

My current partner is upset at me for something right now. I’m not too worried because I know it will be resolved. But I’m getting more and more worried because I know we’re both stressed and probably high strung right now and I don’t want things to be said that we don’t mean. I value this person more than any other person I’ve been with and I want to build my life with them.

I’m upset at my mom because she can’t see how hard I’m trying to be open with her. She was upset at me last weekend for staying at my partner’s house (we are both adults), is concerned that I will smoke and drink, something my partner does but safely (she probably doesn’t know this, also I have never and likely never will smoke and very rarely drink), and just felt like she wasn’t getting enough time with me. I get that because I’m at college and I don’t really see my parents and I spent basically the whole weekend at my partner’s house, but I also came home BECAUSE it was my partner’s birthday and I wanted to spend time with them. I also feel like I’m “recovering” from my teenage years of having my mom around me too much (in my opinion). I’ve also been trying so hard to be more open with her, especially about my relationship since the last one I had was and still is, to my knowledge, entirely secret to her. I feel like she can’t see how hard I’m working and that hurts me.

I’m also getting ready to live abroad next year so I have a lot of application-related things to do on top of school, and I just realized this week that I’ll need to sign a lease already for next year so that I have a place to live when I come back. Crossing my fingers.

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I understand what it’s like to be stressed like this. It does suck. My advice would be to just take it one day at a time. I know it sounds cliche, but things don’t last forever. Prioritize what’s important. If you have to turn in something late, that’s okay, just make sure you don’t fall behind.
A saying I like to think about is “time always goes on.” So if you’re currently stressed about a situation, just think that eventually it’s going to end. This class will eventually be over, you just have to push through until then.

Love :two_hearts: