Stressed about Warped Tour

I’m really not liking the fact that things that are supposed to be fun and exciting are adding to my pile of stress.

I’m volunteering at Warped Tour in Milwaukee. I don’t drive there much at all, so wanted to look up directions from where I might be staying to the venue along with the parking situation. I go to the website and find out that you no longer can bring in backpacks of any kind at the venue. I have a small, mini back pack that I like to use for concerts cause I hate to have to carry things on my shoulder, especially at concerts. So, now it looks like I need to go out and buy a new bag specifically for this day. Not sure if I can bring my water bottle in, either. And when I went to Warped in Minneapolis last year, they wouldn’t let you keep the bottle tops on the bottled water you bought there. If I’m volunteering all day or even just walking around for shows, how am I supposed to ensure water won’t pour out of the bottle if it accidentally is knocked over? (Especially in a mosh pit. :smiley: )

I didn’t need this stress on top of my anxiety about driving in the big city.

I probably look like I’m a drama queen mess for no good reason. And the insecurity in me questions what Heart Support staff will think of me volunteering now that I posted this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s just that I’m so stressed with everything else in my life, I didn’t need more to think about. The fact that my brain has zero capacity to deal with stress anymore just makes these small details seem so much bigger than they really are.

I’m so excited to volunteer with Heart Support! But I just want to look forward to something without being so stressed.


I totally totally TOTALLY understand this feeling.

I want you to know that this does not make you weak or weird- it is normal. Heck, my first Warped Tour I was freaking out about bottles of water and everything because I didn’t know what to expect- and driving? Heck- when I started driving just in my little town I was terrified.

I know that this is another big stress at this time, but what I will say is I know you can do this. I know this isn’t much, but something that may help with the drive is using google maps or something like that. I know that with a lot of venues you can bring in an unopened bottle of water and fill it up at the Cool Gear water stations- as to the bottle cap, I really hate when venues do that- especially for Warped Tour. Now I know this may sound silly but I suggest you bring maybe like two extra water bottle caps and just hide them somewhere just in case. May seem silly, but hey you’ll be prepared :wink:.

I totally understand where you are coming from friend- and I’m sure that the Heart Support staff that are there will not think anything less of you- they will still love you and care about you and they will not see you as a drama queen or a freak.

Love you friend, take it easy, and as some say, “send it”.

Have a wonderful time, I’m proud of you. Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (your old pal Blurryface) :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t worry about the Warped Tour. I haven’t heard there would be different rules for this city/venue. If there is I’m sorry for wrong information, but this far everyone has been able to bring backpacks (some of them even not that small), and also on Warped Tours website it’s mentioned that purses and small backpacks are allowed. You can also leave it to our tent if you want to go to watch bands. One sealed water bottle is allowed as well, but trust me if you are going to volunteer for us and see bands as well, you won’t have much use for your own bottle. Lines for filling water bottles are usually so long, that you don’t have much time to do anything else for the whole day then. We have water in the tent for volunteers as well, and sometimes we might even need volunteers to bring 24-pack of water for us to make sure we won’t run out of it. So if you want to, you can get as much water as you want, we will pay for it, one of us will come to get you from the gates and nobody needs to worry about water! But you can take your own bottle as well and get it filled when you need. See you soon! - Janna

@jvnnvhs Thanks, Janna! Are you one of the Heart Support staff? :slight_smile:

Yes! Hope this would make you feel less stressed about the Warped tour, so you could enjoy the day there!

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Hey @NomadicWanderer,

First off, you’re not a drama queen mess. You’re experiencing a really stressful situation and you have all the right in the world to feel anxious about the situation! I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a little stressed/anxious before attending ANY social event, however once I actually get there and the ball starts rolling, I almost ALWAYS feel so much better. I’m sure this’ll be the situation with you when Warped Tour rolls around Milwaukee. The stress will be worth it because you’ll have so much fun! Say hi to the staff members for me! :slight_smile: