Stressed But Better

I’ve came here many times while I was stressed from homework. People here have helped me a lot, but I’m still feeling a bit stressed. Homework assignments have gotten harder, but I keep trying and trying. With my math, I’ve been able to understand it more to where I can get 90%s and sometimes 100%s. I just wanna say thank you to everyone that helped me in times of stress. I’m still fighting with stress but it will get better. Thank you guys again.


From: thekatisalie

I am really glad to see you working so hard on something you have been struggling with. Sending love!

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Awesome news. The stress doesn’t go away really, but you are getting stronger it sounds like and better equipped to handle it. Awesome work on keeping trying and trying. You are worth it. This is all hard work we’re all doing, but you are investing in yourself and worth it.